Welcome to the Tapestry Room
I hold a safe space where you can explore your inner feelings and emotions,that have kept you from moving forward and keeping you from your full potential.

I use a beautiful system called Colour Mirrors. Each bottle in the system has its own frequency and meaning enabling you to explore the areas of your life that are blocked or stuck by looking at your patterns, beliefs and behaviours ,allowing more understanding and clarity to enable change in your life.

Maria Carter - Colour Therapist

I discovered colour therapy 25 years ago in cornwall on a family holiday. I had my first session and was blown away on how accurate and aligned with what was going on in my life at the time.

Colour therapy enabled me to explore my issues and challenges,. It also offered me a different perspective which opened many possibilities freeing me from limitations encouraging me to live rather than just exist.

I`m so excited to share this fun, creative, energetic healing modality. It has transformed my life, it could change your life too.

How does the system work


Simply pick a bottle

When you select from the range of dual oil bottles you transmit a clear picture of who you are -emotionally-physically-mentally and spiritually.Each colour choice holds up a mirror from your soul,revealing your programs but also your greatness.


Bathing in colour

Colour mirror dual oil baths can be powerfully transformational in their effects.You may receive deep healing,with hugh emotional releases,as your body gets the message at a cellular level that it`s safe for you to feel your feelings and embrace change.